Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remembering an iCon R.I.P Steve Jobs

A year ago I converted into the Apple world . I had been using a PC forevvvvver , I had always heard such amazing things about the Apple computers but never thought that in a million years , that it would change my life. A year ago I finally got an iMac , the best invention in this world , thank you to the late and great Steve Jobs for thinking outside the box , following his gut and creating the most amazing products in technology in the 21st century. 

As I was tweeting last night , I  came across tweets that said R.I.P Steve Jobs , what , wait , who .... No way , I thought , that's impossible . There was a piece of me that just sunk , my heart felt a lil broken , I think where there is brilliance , where you see that there was someone who wanted to change the way the world operated and succeeded , it makes you appreciate what he did and what he was all about , in my opinion. 

I came across this image on and when I read what he said , it brought tears to my eyes . Why ? Because I too , am a creator , I am an ARTIST , I love what I do , I live and breathe my career , I believe in my DREAMS and making them come true despite what other's may think. That " inner voice " he speaks of , that voice that we try to shut up because we are scared of what could be , if we stick to our guns and follow our hearts. That inner voice that needs to be heard. I say , never SILENCE your DREAMS , they are there for a reason , to better our world in some way. Steve Jobs followed his heart , listened to his inner voice and you see where that got him , he revolutionized the computer world as we know it.

Thank you and my thoughts and prayers are with the Jobs Family.


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