Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Madamoiselles on Studio 33 NY

Madamoiselle Mimi Le Exquisite Girlie iPhone 4 speckcase
Madamoiselle Mimi Le Exquisite Girlie iPhone 4 by Studio_33_NY
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There is something so special that takes place in me when I create. I cannot explain it , but it comes to me so effortlessly . My favorite way to illustrate is with a black  Sharpie marker in hand and paper , I hook myself up to my iPod , let the music take me away and draw the Beauti I see in Music .

I drew these listening to ATB " Sunset Girl " and " Let U Go " .

My world is such a happy place when I can delve into my imagination and B Free , bc at that point nothing else matters , just the decision to create something beautiful and potentially make someone SMILE !

Lots of Love to you all ,


PS - http://www.studio33ny.com/ is my other Artists site , where I create everything and anything that pops into my mind !


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