Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GC goes Pro , that is PRO MakeUp Artist .....

Are you a MakeUp Artist ? Do you LOVE everything and anything Beauty , Fashion and Style ? Well , guess what me too. That's why I illustrate the things I love most , Art , Beauti , Fashion and Music !

This piece was inspired by and created for a very dear friend of mine , the Ever so Fabulous MariLuz Fontanez aka " Viva La Mari " , Celebrity MakeUp Artist. Aside from being an incredible artist in more mediums than one , she is truly a genuine , vibrant , kind hearted beautiful soul . I am blessed to call her my friend , to continuously be inspired by her endless energy and her LOVE of LIFE. 

 Love U and 
Viva La Mari , ey !!!!

PS :

If you are interested and having me illustrate your very own Grafitti Couture Doll , feel free to email me at GrafittiCoutureDesigns@gmail.com for more information. Let me help you stand out for your next project ! 

Lots of Love , 

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