Friday, March 23, 2012

Grafitti Couture CHAOTIC Love Illustration

Drawing to me is breathing air , I need to do it everyday because it frees me ! 
This was drawn in sharpie marker on plain ol' white drawing paper and then digitally colorized in PhotoShop CS5 and Corel Painter 12. 

I love BRIGHT , BOLD , POPS of Color on a BLACK Background just because it stands out more.

I hope you like it , this illustration will be on a variety of products on Zazzle and Society 6 shortly.

Grafitti Couture Chaotic Love MacBook Skin 15 inch 

Grafitti Couture Chaotic Love MaBook Skin 15 inch musicskins_skin

Grafitti Couture Chaotic Love MaBook Skin 15 inch by GrafittiCouture
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Much LOVE ,


Disclaimer : 

Grafitti Couture ™ is Property of Elizabeth Forero 
All artwork are original creations by the Artist, and are the property of Elizabeth Forero Copyright © 2011-2012. GrafittiCouture. All rights reserved. 
Any unauthorized copy's or distribution is strictly prohibited without written or verbal consent by the owner Elizabeth Forero .
Thank you kindly.


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