Monday, March 12, 2012

GC Live , Live & SHOP & Mondays Mantra

Good Morning Sunshines 

It's Monday and such a beautiful day here on Long Island , NY . I am truly blessed to be here another day , I think it is so important to be THANKFUL of your everyday's because we are all here on borrowed time and it's crucial that we make the most out of everyday that we are here .

I am on a path of creativity , I am so in love with the endless creations I can create when I let my imagination just go ...

Thank to my BFF ElaineBiss who gave me the best birthday / Xmas Present ever , Corel Painter 12 , I have been on fire drawing , illustrated , painting , sketching with this amazing software for artists of all mediums. I wake up every morning excited to see what new pretty little magic I can conjure up . 

Here are a few new illustrations that are available at my store .


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