Saturday, September 17, 2011

GC for ZMC . The Zuri Doll .

I have had the pleasure and honor to meet my Muse ... Zuri McDaniels .
She inspired me to create a Doll just for her . I have been creating my own Grafitti Couture Chics for months now , but nothing quite like her . The Zuri Doll is hip , classy , sophisticated , stylish , brilliant , outgoing , fun and flirty , all qualities that the Real Zuri embodies. I can tell you she is as beautiful in person as you see her in pictures and when I mean Beautiful , I mean that as gorgeous as her exterior is , her heart and her soul are of sheer beauty. I suggest that you go and check out her and follow her @ and then you will know , " where it's at !!!
" Passion For Fashion and Style with a Smile . "


Grafitti Couture ™ Grafitti-fied The Zuri Doll by Elizabeth Forero . This is different version of the Zuri Doll , added with a pinch of Haute Pinky Couture , classy leopard print & symbolic touches.
Much Love ,


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