Monday, September 26, 2011

GC for Zuri McDaniels " The Zuri Doll "

Ladies & Gentleman , The Ever so Fabulous and Unbelievably Genuine and Sweet like candy , 

As , I expressed in a previous blog where I introduced the very 1st " Zuri Doll " , I wanted to share with you , one of many Zuri Dolls where I illustrate all the ensembles she rocks , and when I say she ROCKS them , she does .... ;)

She is a Fashionista straight through to her soul , she just knows what looks good , no what looks AMAZING on her , she's got this urban , edgy , fun & flirty sophistication , she exudes class and with that beautiful SMILE she wears on her face , it's inevitable for anyone who is blessed to be touched by her presence to just fall in love with her easy going and sweet spirit. I am personally blessed to call her my friend. 

To get a glimpse into her world , visit her Fantabulous Website where she talks about a lil bit of everything , Fashion , Fitness , Her Dreams  , What's on her mind , etc ....  or Follow her on her Twitter Page :!/ZuriMcDaniels .

Lots of LOVE , Hugs and Success Miss ZMC !!!!

xoxo E oxox


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