Friday, September 23, 2011

Grafitti-fication of GC Dolls

Grafitti-fication of GC Dolls

Everything as you all know inspires me , I am an avid collector of magazines , my favorites being , VOGUE , Harpers BAZAAR , Glamour , WMagazine ,  collect them all , gathering inspiration from what I see on the runways of Milan , Paris and my beloved NYC ..... Drawing to me comes extremely natural to me , my favorite medium < > black sharpie marker and plain ol' white paper. Every single magazine I own has been reread over a gazillion times , bc you never know what you may have missed. Every models face that has graced the pages of these glamour books are an inspiration for a next illustration of a Grafitti Couture Doll .

GC Illustration Pish Posh Mish 

I have followed the Fashion World for as long as I can remember , I take great delight in heading to the nearest Rite Aid and purchasing the latest fashion mags , it's my secret guilty pleasure. The aromas that fill  these pages , ahhhhh >>>>> throws me into a pool of ideas and inspiration , always with a black marker , sketchbook and my artist must have , my hot cup of coffee , I am ready for my blissful magazine experience. It is here where my IMAGINATION is set free , bc it's now my interpretation of all these beautiful faces , colours , textures , prints and aromas that all meld together and help me create my  Grafitti Couture Dolls.

Well, now I must go and sketch , grafitti-fy and colorize them and get them ready to share with you.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a looksie ! 

Lots of Love and Keep Creating !



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