Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Never Too Late .... Dream Those DREAMS !


I feel so blessed to be able to create once again. Being that since I was born , I was made to create , to inspire and to love , to love what I do so passionately ! I feel so blessed that my father , Mr.Jorge E. Forero , the man that just simply lit up every time I created a new lil drawing , painting or illustration , the man that never let me forget what " a talent " I was, and to never let your "talents" go to waste. Back in June 2010 , he gave me the GIFT of a lifetime , he gave me my creation station  , equipped with my iMac , Wacom Tablet and PhotoShop. Thank you daddi , thank you for DREAMING BIG for me , when I couldn't , thank you for never GIVING up on me when I thought you should. Thank you for always BELIEVING in me. I love you more than life itself. Thank you for making who I am today. I am  PROUD to be your daughter and PROUD you are my daddi.

Creating after 10 years , that my imagination lay dormant because I was doing the wife and mommi thing , ( which has been the most rewarding and amazing time of my life ) but there was always something missing and that was my outlet of expression. I live and breathe ART , I live and breathe to create. My Inspiration lies in everything , my loving husband Todd that has stood by me through thick and thin , that has been my supporter & encouraged me to dream and chase this dream , for giving me my babies that are the light of my eyes , the lil beings that make me want to aspire to BIGGER & BETTER things , that continually challenge me to strive for more, for them  , my m4 ( my children ) ,  Life , Fashion , Music , Beauti , Art and day to day experiences are the musings for my creations. I am a lucky lady , I have a beautiful family , great friends and a neverending will to SUCCEED.

And a HUGE Thank U to my Mentor , my BFF , my soul sister The InFamous Elaine Biss , Feminine Illustrator Extraordinaire. Thank you for INSPIRING me , thank you for pushing me , for being there always , making me laugh uncontrollably , teaching me the fundamentals of illustration today , for being the sister I never had , for our endless conversations about LIFE and everything else in between. I am so PROUD of all your SUCCESSES and share in the delight of seeing you shine. 

Finally meeting you this month was such a DREAM come true , to finally HUG my sister from another mother , to finally see your face in person and actually spend real time with you and hold your hand. Everything has come full circle. Thank you , Thank you , Thank you . I love you with all my heart. 

Much Love & Happiness , 

E xox


Honeygo Beasley said...

So glad you two got to meet finally! : )

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