Saturday, September 17, 2011

Inside Grafitti Couture™ .....

Grafitti Couture is an extension of my ARTwork .Girli-esque Grafitti Inspired by Fashion , Beauti , Music and Style . Grafitti Couture is a collection of fashionable and stylish chic's I have created , each with their own unique personality . People have asked me what drives me to create , and my only answer is .... I Draw the Beauti I See In Music . Music moves me , my illustrations are languidly lined to the crazy beats of a tune.
I have been an ARtist all my life , I can remember being four years old sketching my father with a black bic pen , I drew him with such detail , the screws in his glasses , the stitching of his shirt ..... I do pay close attention to detail , a passion for creation and a unique eye for design.

I feel what sets me apart from other artists is I draw from my soul , no barriers , No Fear .... Illustrations just dance in my mind and I just set them Free .
I hope you enjoy my ARTwork and please feel free to to leave a comment , I always respond ( well I will try to ) If you would like me to create a custom illustration please feel free to email me @ Copyright © 2011. Grafitti Couture All rights reserved.
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